Your Team


Patricia San Pedro
Owner, CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer)

Patricia is a four-time Emmy award winning TV producer, PR/media expert, and Fortune 500 business woman. She led national and international communications efforts for corporations such as American Airlines, The Miami Herald/El Nuevo and NBC Miami. In 2001 Patricia founded San Pedro Productions and since then has promoted and increased brand awareness for tons of happy clients around the world.

Patricia is passionate about making the world a better place. Her creative juices never dry up. Really. She is well-connected, respected, innovative, and all-around good person. If we do say so ourselves. 😉

On the personal side…


Erik Gonzalez
Director of Internet Marketing

Erik leads the way in all SEO phases of any project. As an artist he also enjoys giving his input on the art direction on website design.


Jackie Gonzalez
SEO Specialist

Jackie is in charge of all local SEO marketing, social media, and phone tracking.


Personal Assistant

Personal assistant and resident food-taster (she loves restaurant clients).


Tango & Frankie

Our crack team of writers.