About Us


Personal connections is what
we’re about

San Pedro Productions (SPP), based in Miami, Florida, is a full-service, bilingual, very cool boutique firm that gets results! We specialize in communications, but always end up doing way more.

We LOVE making our clients happy. Our main focus: Media & Public Relations, Multi-Media Communication Strategies, Media Training, Social Media, Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Development, Community Affairs, Writing, Publishing and Good Old Fashioned Networking. In other words…anything and everything communications-related. We’ll get your covered!

The team is led (more like “inspired”) by Patricia San Pedro. Yes, we really are one happy productive family.

Do you have a product or service that will:

  • Enhance the well-being of people, animals or our planet?
  • Create value?
  • Bring beauty?
  • Educate…inspire….encourage?
  • Make the world, or your community a better place?
  • Make life a bit easier, more comfortable or joyful?

Then it will be an honor to help you brand, promote and bring your product or service to the marketplace. We get results!


You will be one of a few select clients…because that’s all we choose to take on at a time. Your mission will become our mission. Rest assured that if we take on your work, it is because we believe in you and what you do.